Signature Program

“I was really dry and empty before coming. I feel now that my emptiness is gone. I have felt loved and cared for.”
“I really wanted to come to learn. I am going to talk a lot about this conference and teach it to others.”
“I knew that they knew our weaknesses, but they only looked at our strengths. I learned one thing from the Lord—not to condemn someone else for their weaknesses.”
“We learn so many good things from you. I am savoring one and you are onto the next one. I must take time to applicate.”
“When I arrived I was fearful—everyone was hugging and kissing and I thought you all knew each other. Then I realized that you didn’t know everyone. You were just being welcoming. I have so much love from everyone; I don’t know what to do with it!”

The heart of International Leadership Ministries is our Signature Three Year Program. We equip Christian women currently serving in leadership roles in their respective churches, ministries and/or organizations to provide them with much needed support, encouragement and training.

Our Signature Program combines biblical studies, character development and ministry skills. Our time together reveals each woman’s unique design and gifting by God. We help them discover how to live and lead through their strengths and gifts to impact their realm of influence.

Our International Leadership Ministries Signature Program equips women to lead with a solid foundation, supplied with ideas and tools for the tasks God has called them to. Our program is unique in that it is all accomplished in a relational way.

In our Signature Program, we meet with women leaders twice a year over a three year period for encouragement, renewal and strengthening. Each session is about 4 days and 5 nights.

Our retreat settings offer comfort, refreshment and recreation. The carefully selected environment invites the women into deeper relationships, opens their hearts to learning and allows much needed rest for their bodies.Our gatherings include study, prayer, rest and play to model a well balanced life.

Each time together is filled with time of studying the Bible together with the goal of keeping our hearts overflowing with His Word. Our teaching is interactive; our discussions are inclusive and lively. We look at topics that strengthen our Biblical knowledge to keep our minds focused on a Biblical worldview.

We also study scripture that speaks to the character of a servant that we may walk worthy of the calling. Our third focus is ministry skills development to provide the women with strength in their leadership.

At the conclusion of each session, we commission the women to go out with newly acquired wisdom and skills that align with the ministry God called them without burdening them with additional responsibilities.

In between sessions we keep in contact with the attendees through text messages and phone calls—assuring our participants continual support, encouragement and prayer.